Slavs and hidden Polish history

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Slavs and the Concealed History of Poland. A  new portal of Free Slavs and Free Poles.

On this website I  publish all interesting information concerning the Slavic ethnos and the history of Poland. I  present the topic from different perspectives, in a  manner short and sweet. This is an independent from the mainstream primer of history for young and older Poles. The results of historical studies I  relate to the present and the future. Us Poles of all times and spaces are a  single organism with numerous interconnections external and internal. We live in the information era, in a  period of accelerating changes in the sphere of self-consciousness, New Consciousness and knowledge. Let's not waste time on maintaining that which is not scientific truth. You are heartily welcome.

I also invite you to visit my YouTube channel "MarianNosalTV": Slavs and hidden Polish history youtube.png as well as the page "Słowianie i  ukryta historia Polski" on Facebook: Slavs and hidden Polish history facebook.png Google+ Slavs and hidden Polish history google+.png, where you will find the latest news


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